Triton Ceramics Team

Nick Rozard Dosch

IMG_2002Nick is a ceramic engineer on a mission. Inspired by a trio of Alfred people involved with water filters; Bill Carty, Reid Harvey, and Nadine Hoover, he started working on ceramic filters while finishing studies at Alfred University. Since then he has been working tirelessly on filters, including an epic year in Indonesia. You can read about that trip here. Nick’s interests include woodworking, conscionable business, making new friends,




Dr. William Carty- Materials Research and Manufacturing Adviser


Nick and Dr. Carty in his office

Dr. William Carty is the chair of the ceramic engineering department at AU. He is a champion for silver-treated water filter work. He has inspired many students to work on filters including Nick Rozard, and Nate Halverson. Dr. Carty has been working on water filter theory for many years and is pleased to be collaborating on this development effort. He’s also a highly-recognized ceramic engineer for his cutting edge research on chemical interactions happening inside ceramics and work on improving the efficiency of ceramics production.

Bethany Rees – Microbiology Adviser


Bethany and Nick squeezed into the couch at a recent meeting of the microbiology minds!

An Alfred native, Bethany Rees loves life, and wants to provide a more sanitary one for people around the world. Bethany studied Biology and Biochemistry at Ithaca College, and then has worked in the microbiology field since then.  For street cred she even has Bacteria named after her: Pseudomonas stutzeri BR5311, where the BR is for Bethany Rees!  Bethany has been advising from the very beginning of work on the filters, She helped Esther and Nick set up the labs at SHEEP necessary to check the filter’s ability to deactivate bacteria.

Anna Cerio – Public Health Adviser

Anna Cerio

Anna Cerio

Growing up in Alfred, Anna always had an affinity for the countryside, lakes, and the woods.  After time spent growing up in a small town, she went to a bigger town where she obtained her undergraduate degree at Skidmore College.  From there, she moved to Boston and was enamored by the history and diversity of the city.  In Boston, Anna is pursuing another passion, her Masters in Public Health degree.  Anna’s areas of interest include: health disparities in urban populations, quality of healthcare, and the social determinants of health.

Dr. Tony Wren -Biomedical Materials Advisor


From Left: Dr. Wren, Nate, and Nick

Dr. Tony Wren is a Biomedical materials professor at Alfred University. He is researching similar materials with silver incorporated to kill bacteria. He has been very helpful in sharing knowledge of microbiology.  Dr Wren has also assisted in microbiological testing of samples.

Nathan Halverson is a recent graduate of Alfred University who studying ceramic engineering. His senior thesis was on the water filter work, and can be found here.

All-Round Advisers

Esther BuckwalterEsther Buckwalter is an environmental engineering graduate from the University at Buffalo. She spent a summer in Indonesia working with Nick Rozard setting up a microbiology lab and aiding in the first phases of research and development of the filters. She continues supporting the project as a proofreader, sounding board for ideas, and advocate for getting people involved with Triton Ceramics.





Kristina BlankKristina Blank is a student who seeks education outside the four walls of the classroom. She started experimenting with ceramic filters as part of a summer research project at University of Buffalo, then volunteered for two months in Indonesia, helping bring the technology to the capable hands of Indonesians. Kristina’s interests include hiking, sustainable technologies, and practicing her Indonesian with the friends she made abroad.




Rina Wijaya is one of the founders of SHEEP, a partner organization for Triton Ceramics in Yogyakarta Indonesia. She is dedicated to bringing better water treatment to Indonesia. Rina is in charge of SHEEP’s water filter project. In this role she is responsible for development and application of the technology as well as running the business aspects of the project. Rina and Nick spent an entire year building microbiology and ceramic laboratories together in Indonesia. During that time, Nick transferred technology that had been developed. Rina is extremely apt and technically capable, which is especially helpful since Indonesia does not have a large technical community knowledgeable about ceramics.


Toni  (Abdul Munir Roy Alfatoni) is a technician working with SHEEP. He is very hands on, and a self-starter. For example on his own he learned how to make activated charcoal, and started small-scale production at his home.


From Left to Righ: Pak Arie, Pak Nick, Pak Toni, Bu Rina

Ari Nugroho is a PhD. student studying public health at University of Gadjah Mada.  He works closely with SHEEP, and has taken on development work on the filters as his PhD.  He has been working extensively with Rina, and Toni, to optimize the silver on the filter, and then test his work microbiologically.