Who we are as a company

Mission Statement

Triton Ceramics produces high quality and affordable water filter devices that are easy to use, easy to clean, simple to repair, durable, and long-lasting. Our water filter devices meet the highest reasonable health standards, while not adding any harmful chemicals to the water. Our company promotes connections between people and nations because without these connections, we believe we aren’t serving our global purpose.

Life Springs from even the most basic of nutrients: a tree stump

Statement of Values:

  • Manufacture a product that is safe for use all over the world, including in our own homes
  • Create a product that is affordable for those in need
  • Strive for a more peaceful world, only supporting that which is positive and erodes the need for war
  • Practice ethical business models, e.g. conscionable investment enabling proper treatment of people
  • Participate in an economy providing non-military jobs.
  • Celebrate diversity in all ways in the workplace including: Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, Age, Sexuality, Political Beliefs, Religious Beliefs, and other marginalized identities
  • Implement equitable treatment of all genders in the workplace
  • Practice of environmental stewardship
  • Serve as an ambassador in the local community
  • Perpetuate right sharing of technological wealth


IMG_2064We at Triton Ceramics strive to make an affordable filter that can both provide an excellent alternative to energy intensive water disinfection techniques, as well as minimize the energy required to make the filter. We aim to put the benefits of that technology to work around the world, by making our technologically-advanced device available to people around the world. Furthermore we have an interest in improving the technical capabilities of our partners around the world. Ultimately we hope connections between people will be created through shared production with partners in locations worldwide, promoting peaceful interactions throughout the world.