Help find a microbiologist/quality assurance manager!

Ceramic Engineers do not make great microbiologists. That is what I’ve learned in the last few months. It has been a while since my last update and that is because I have been hunkered down running the lab, even having some success. However the pace is not what it could be with the right person. I need your help to find that right person! Plus, having someone running a fully functioning microbiology lab will free me to do other very important tasks that need to be done.

Mystery Microbiolgy PersonSo here’s what I need: Someone able to work full time who is interested in building confidence in the filters. The microbiology lab is the key to building our own and other people’s confidence in the filters, through thorough testing and exceeding international standards. The lab is the most powerful tool to determine if the filter is achieving the quality we demand of it. We can build confidence in the product if we properly communicate the testing we’ve done. The person I’m looking for is interested in building that confidence, so although it is essential that they are skilled in laboratory work, they will point their mind towards external testing, and communication with others in the field. It is challenging, fun and exciting work. We have a chance to make a major difference in the world by providing drinking water. I’m excited to work with that person who is passionate about making a difference in the world, by making sure that our water filters work extremely well!  Please share the job description below:

Job Description File: Laboratory Microbiologist for Product Quality Assurance