Fundraising Goal Reached!

Congratulations!  We did it!

With your help we more than met the fundraising goal I had set at $10k!  We actually raised $11 052, all of which we will put to good use.  We’re already putting it to good use, for example we used a significant chunk of the money to pay for research at Alfred University.  The equipment with me in the picture is a Scanning Electron Microscope, or S.E.M. as we call it.  That machine can look at incredibly tiny things, and it costs around $900 000 to buy one.  This machine is informing the water filters.  This incredibly powerful tool and many others are available thanks to you.

You all deserve a pat on the back.

Give yourself one now as you get up from reading this email.IMG_0939

Special thanks to the many donors:  Evelyn Kennenwood, Friends Peace Teams, John Edminster, Alfred Monthly Meeting, The Slining Haynes Family, Thadeus Dziekonski, Jens and Spee Braun, Charles Mohler, Gay Howard, Ted and Debra First, Farmington-Scipio Conscience and War committee, Lorraine Hoyt, John Fitzgerald, The Blackburn Family, Mary Way, Mary-Lou Cartledge, Deb Mayes, Jane and Paul Simkin, Lynn and Jenifer Taylor, Tim Cox, Ken and Marty Grundy, Ithaca Monthly Meeting, Petra Doan, Edward Dunlop, Vansantha Amarakoon, Richard Gorycki.

Thank You,
Nick Rozard

Make donations to Alfred Friends Meeting, P.O. Box 773, Alfred NY 14802. Alfred Friends Meeting has decided to support me personally through the next few months.