Community Service – Firefighter

Nick Rozard

Circa Dec 2014


Dec 2015: Less facial hair. Less trees.








No more mustache Nick? NOPE! I’m saying hello to a smooth face, but not for personal reasons. I recently annihilated my most distinguished facial feature to serve my local community as an interior firefighter. I just completed Firefighter 1 course and I’m now an interior firefighter! I’ve been a volunteer firefighter in Alfred for a few years, but this new training means that I’m able to go inside a structure that is on fire to put it out. To do this I need to bring my own air with me, and the mask that I use needs to make a good seal with my face. It’s better to say goodbye to a beloved (and rather large) mustache than to risk damage to your lungs!Community Service

In rural america, the homes are made of flammable material such as wood. Because the towns have such small populations, there is not enough money to have paid firefighters. Therefore fire departments in small towns and rural areas are completely volunteer. I am one of these volunteers. I have been a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician on the ambulance with Alfred, since I was in college. This course took 130 hours of my time over the last 3 months.

There are about 15 minor fires in my small town per year, and there are about 4 major fires which generally cause a total loss of the building. A quick skillful response from firefighters is often what keeps a minor fire from becoming a major fire.

I believe strongly in supporting the communities that we live and work in. Alfred is my community, and we need dedicated and physically strong individuals who volunteer to protect the community. I’m proud to call myself a volunteer firefighter.