Work For Peace, but Pay for war?

As I venture down the path towards birthing a water filter, I’m re-affirming that I have a real opportunity to make a difference in the world. Soon people will have our filter as a reliable option to provide drinking water for their families at a very fair price, hopefully the lowest in the world.

I am thrilled to put my full weight behind something so positive. I’m proud of what we’re building.

I fully intend to put the American flag on products that I make. The product will be a symbol that positive, compassionate, and nonviolent Americans exist. It is a direct form of peace building.

But I have also been asked to pay for war. I’ve deeply considered the implications of paying for war, and I find that I am not able to do it. To pay for war would undermine the work that I am doing with water filters. I have not been able to pay for war for the last few years. As tax day 2016 approaches I have been thinking about contributing to war, and I continue to re-affirm that I cannot pay.

Every time I hear about my country’s violent use of drones, extrajudicial killings, torture, and other despicable things, my heart sinks. I am comforted however when I remember that I have not financially supported that system. I’d love to hear what other people are doing when they are asked to pay for the endless wars, and other unconscionable acts that our government and military are propagating in our name. Please write!

You can read my full letter to my fellow taxpayers, here:   Statement of Conscience on paying for war tax 2015